Wedding bells for Emmerdale favourites!

Danny Miller would like to see Robron marry properly

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Emmerdale fans are used to Aaron and Robert’s relationship having more ups and downs than a Catholic at Sunday Mass.

They are currently in a low spot, after Aaron discovered Robert had a fling with Rebecca – and got her knocked up.

Robert Rebecca sex drunk
Robert played away with his ex, Rebecca (Credit: ITV)

But they are trying to work through it and this has left viewers hopeful the pair might just have their happy ever after.

Now Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, has added weight to the hope the couple will properly tie the knot too.

The last Robron wedding was scuppered (Credit: ITV)

Soapies will recall their big day earlier this year was interrupted when Faith got herself arrested.

They ended up exchanging their vows alone in the garage.

It was beautiful, but doesn’t count.

Danny would, he says, love the boys to tie the knot for real.

Speaking to, he said: “To do it officially would be great… but I’m not the boss so whatever happens happens.

“Myself and Ryan, we just love being scripts that writers and storyliners keep writing for Aaron and Robert.

“We’re just happy to be given the work.

The look of love Emmerdale fans can’t resist (Credit: ITV)

“I think it goes without saying we are very much fans of the comedy and the lighter scenes, but we appreciate there are scenes the public adore – which is the dramatic stuff.”

Well, Danny and we fans are in luck, as show runner Iain Macleod has confirmed there will be another attempt at nuptials.

He said: “At some point there will be a second wedding, we’ve not storylined it yet.

“But we deliberately didn’t make their first wedding official because only an idiot would rule out the possibility of there being two Robron weddings.

They will! (Credit: ITV)

“Despite what some people may feel on Twitter, I’m not an idiot, so we’ll definitely be getting an official church/register office/Vegas romantic wedding that will hopefully be heart-warming, joyous and everything everyone wants it to be.”

Right-o. We’ll start saving up for that new hat!

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