Wearing socks in bed can instantly improve your sex life

Who knew cosiness could be such a turn-on?

Are you one of those people that slips on the comfiest pair of socks you own before going to bed?

You’re in luck, because wearing socks is good for you, and can even lead to better sex.

Ensuring your feet are warm causes the blood vessels to dilate, which gives the brain a signal that its time to sleep.

Assisting the dilation of the blood vessels can help you drop off faster.

So simple and so effective!

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Not only do socks in bed help your sleep, they also help your sex life.

A study conducted by Dutch researcher, Gert Holstege, found that socks helped make people feel warmth and safe too.

This soothed the section of the brain called the amygdala and prefrontal cortex — the brain areas responsible for anxiety, fear and danger signals.

The participants each had sex without their socks on and only 50 percent of them orgasmed.

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After they were all given socks and had sex again, the number spiked to 80 percent!

When a woman wears socks, she pushes away those feelings of insecurity and fear.

It makes sense, there’s nothing like cold feet to ruin the mood and nothing like a warm and cosy one to set the right one.

We’d recommend changing the dirty socks that you’ve worn all day though, because smelly feet have never been a turn-on for anyone!

Unless that’s your thing of course…