Wayne Rooney’s ‘party girl’ claims his wife Coleen CALLED her

Laura Simpson alleges WAG wanted to hear what had happened on night out

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The girl at the centre of Wayne Rooney’s drink-drive scandal is claiming his wife Coleen called her to hear her version of events.

Wayne was driving Laura Simpson’s VW Beetle in the early hours of Friday morning, after a 10-hour booze session, when police pulled him over because of a broken brake light.

Laura enjoyed a drinking session with Wayne on Friday (Credit: Instagram)

He was subsequently arrested in Wilmslow, Cheshire, and charged at a nearby police station.

Pregnant Coleen was on holiday with the couple’s three young sons at the time, but reportedly flew home after news of the charges against her husband broke.

Yesterday Laura, 29, gave an interview to the Mail Online claiming she and the Everton football player, 31, had “kissed” and “hugged”.

Laura claims she and Wayne “kissed” and “hugged” (Credit: Instagram)

She had now told The Sun on Sunday that she shared a tense five-minute phone conversation with Coleen, also 31, about the incident.

Coleen apparently flew back from holiday (Credit: Instagram)

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“She asked me to tell her what happened,” the mum-of-one told the tabloid.

“She seemed unhappy with the fact that we had left a nightclub in a cab together to go to my car.

“She did say both of us were at fault for getting in the taxi and that we shouldn’t have done that.

“She asked, ‘Was your car not outside the front?’.

Wayne has been charged with drink-driving (Credit: FameFlynet)

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“I told her the truth, that it wasn’t and that we had left in a cab together to get my car which was parked outside a friend’s.

“I apologised to her and she said, ‘You have nothing to say sorry for’.”

She added: “I’m a single girl, but if that was my husband, I’d be really angry.”

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