Wayne Rooney reportedly begs Coleen to stay with him after insisting he wouldn’t have cheated on her

There's been another twist in the saga...

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Another day, another claim about the state of Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s marriage following his drink-driving arrest in another woman’s car.

The latest report alleges Wayne has been begging his pregnant wife to stay with him and make their relationship work.

It also alleges Wayne has insisted he would never have done anything with office worker Laura Simpson, whose car he was driving when pulled over by police.

Coleen and Wayne have been married since 2008 [Credit: FameFlynet]

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A source told The Sun on Sunday: “Wayne has pleaded his innocence of doing anything with Laura and told Coleen he will do anything to keep the family together.

“He has told her that she and the kids are his world.

“But it has been very tense all week and Coleen has been making it clear she hasn’t decided whether to forgive him.”

Wayne, 31, also reportedly claimed he was just trying to help Laura out by driving her home.

Coleen is staying strong for the couple’s three sons [Credit: Instagram]

Coleen and Wayne’s nine-year marriage has dominated the headlines for the last week, ever since Wayne was charged with drink-driving after Cheshire Police stopped Laura’s VW Beetle he was driving on a night out.

Neither Wayne nor Coleen has spoken out about the situation – but the same can’t be said for Laura…

She told Mail Online she shared a kiss with Wayne after they met on a night out and said she believed they would have slept together if police had not stopped the car.

“We had a kiss, a hug and some banter, harmless fun. I’m not a marriage wrecker,” she said.

Wayne and Coleen have not spoken out on the rumours about their marriage [Credit: Instagram]

“I can understand [Coleen] being mad with [Wayne] over the arrest. That was stupid and, on reflection, he should never have driven my car, but he didn’t seem to be over the limit.

“But she can’t blame him for anything that happened with me, because nothing did really – although we would’ve ended up [sleeping together], no doubt.”

While Wayne has been seen wearing his wedding ring in recent days, snaps of Coleen going to the gym showed her ring was of, although, as many people pointed out, plenty of women choose not to wear their expensive rings during a workout.

Reports claim Coleen doesn’t want a divorce because she loves Wayne and thinks hes a good dad [Credit: Instagram @ColeenRooney]

Wayne may be in luck, as it was reported yesterday that Coleen isn’t ready to throw in the towel when it comes to her marriage just yet.

The couple are parents to sons Kai, seven, Klay, four, and one-year-old Kit, with another baby on the way.

A source told The Sun that Coleen truly loves her husband, thinks he’s a good father, and doesn’t want to split up their family.

“She loves him. But more than that, she loves family. Most of the time he’s a good husband and a hands on dad,” said the insider.

Coleen is reportedly keen to keep her family together [Instagram: ColeenRooney]

“Some years ago after one of his idiotic drunken sprees she gave him a big lecture and he asked if she wanted to call it a day.”

“She was forced to admit that divorce is not something she wanted to think about.”

However, as neither Wayne nor Coleen has said anything themselves, it’s hard to know just what to believe…

Coleen lashed out at ‘source’ quotes last week [Credit: Twitter @coleenroo]

Coleen herself even tweeted last week to suggest people should be wary when it comes to “source” quotes, saying: “Would love to meet all these so called friends of mine who know me so well.”

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She followed up by saying: “I was being sarcastic towards all these great sources the press have…who I have probably never met in my life! I have the best friends.”

Let’s hope those besties are lavishing Coleen with love and comfort.

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