Was Jesy Nelson’s relationship with TOWIE star a publicity stunt?

The Little Mix star's friends think Chris Clark was using Jesy to boost his fame and get back with his ex

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She is a member of an award-winning pop group, stacking up number one records and touring the globe. He’s a muscley former student who recently joined a reality TV series.

And when Chris Clark broke off his relationship with Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson, he claimed it was because he couldn’t handle a relationship in the public eye.

But her suspicious friends think the whole romance could have been created as a publicity stunt – designed to boost his profile and give him a storyline for the latest series of TOWIE.

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Pals believe that Chris – who dumped Jesy out of the blue by phone, as she and the band tour America – is plotting to get back with his ex-girlfriend (and fellow TOWIE star) Amber Dowding.

“Jesy has been upset by the break-up,” a friend told The Sun.

“The next day Chris followed his ex-girlfriend Amber on Instagram again and they started interacting online. Jesy’s pals are suspicious about this behaviour.

“There are stories doing the rounds that Chris is hopeful that they can get back together, but many of us think this is all designed to make him look like the hurt party before he gets back with Amber.

“Jesy doesn’t want to believe he might have used her, but she knows a lot of this doesn’t add up.”

Chris left Jesy stunned when he called off their relationship over the phone, as she and Little Mix tour America supporting Ariana Grande. And apparently he gave little reason for the split, but made it clear there was no real chance of reconciliation.

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After deleting all traces of her former flame from her Instagram account, Jesy has since been seen soaking up the sun and having fun with her bandmates on a Miami beach.

That’s a shout out to her ex, right there.