“Why do you want me sacked?” Piers confronts Susanna live on air!

Tensions rise as Piers turns on Susanna on LIVE TV!

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Piers Morgan stunned viewers when he confronted his show host Susanna Reid about rumours that she has demanded for him to be sacked.

The shock suggestion comes from the front cover of this week’s Bella, which features Susanna as the main image accompanied by the words “I WANT HIM SACKED!”

Curious to find out the truth, Piers turned to Susanna and asked her to explain herself: ‘Sorry, this has caused bit of tension this morning – why do you want me sacked?”

A startled Susanna replied, staring at the camera: “Can I just point out that YOU have attributed that quote to me”, to which Piers replied, “I didn’t put it on the cover of Bella magazine.”

Susanna hit back: “And yet that’s not my quote. I think someone wants you sacked. Clearly. But I’d just like to put it on the record, it’s not me.”

But that didn’t seem to satisfy Piers, who carried on his interrogation regardless: “Do you want me sacked?”

“I think you’re doing a fine job,” Susanna replied.

“Have you been telling people behind my back you want me sacked,” he continued to quiz.

“I think its fantastic sitting next to you every morning,” a smiling Suse hit back!

As it turns out, the Bella headline is – surprise surprise – not quite what it seems.

If you did happen to pick up a copy, it turns out – SPOILER ALERT –  that Susanna DIDN’T actually call for Piers to be fired.

No, it turns out it was actually MP David Davies who called for Piers’ sacking after the two engaged in a heated debate on the show about forcing migrant children have their teeth checked to prove their age.

Piers revealed: “David Davies wrote to ITV demanding that they effectively sack me for my ’emotive monologue” based on “views on refugees doubtless shared by his many celebrity friends in London.'”

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