WAG and Real Housewives star Chantelle Heskey gives birth in TWO MINUTES

Her mum had to catch the baby!

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While it is really exciting for every woman to become a mum after carrying around a massive baby bump for nine months, the one thing they don’t look forward to is the actual giving birth part of it.

Yes, there’s fear, there’s pain and as Loose Women revealed recently, there’s a strong chance a birthing mum can poop herself.

What most women want is a super speedy, pain free birth so they can spend hours merely cradling their pride and joy.

So imagine how thrilled WAG Chantelle Heskey must have been after the birth of her daughter this week.

Chantelle Tagoe gave birth in a very speedy way (Credit: Instagram)

The wife of Emile Heskey has revealed that the delivery procedure was so swift – two minutes to be exact – she barely felt a thing.

The shock birth happened during her stay at her mum Sharon’s house.

Waking during the night to go to the loo she suddenly felt a twinge and within two minutes gave birth on the bathroom floor without any warning.  No contractions, no breaking waters, nothing.

Her daughter popped out so fast her mum Sharon has to catch her.

Chantelle and Emile have four kids now (Credit: Instagram)

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“I’m still in shock,” Chantelle told the Mirror.

“I remember looking at my phone when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and it was 00:04, and I had the baby by 00:06 – I had literally no time to think!

“I didn’t have contractions and my waters never broke so I absolutely wasn’t expecting it.

“I just had pressure pains as though my waters were going to break but it was the baby.

“She just came out of nowhere and my mum literally just managed to get in the bathroom in time to grab her. It was so surreal!”

Emile and Chantelle’s daughter still has no name (Credit: Instagram)

Chantelle, who lives with her husband in Cheshire, and been staying at her mum’s house in Liverpool so she could be near Liverpool Women’s Hospital where she gave birth to her other children with Emile.

Emile had remained at their plush mansion and, as the bay wa already 12 days overdue, waiting for the call that she was in labour.

Little did he know that the birthing process would be so fast!

Chantelle said: “Emile was at home, and I went to stay with my mum in Liverpool from my due date which was 12th June so that it would be quicker getting to Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

“On the night it happened, I rang him about an hour earlier to say stay by the phone because I had a feeling my waters were going to break through the night.

“I never thought that the next phone call would be telling him she was here – and that it happened within a couple of minutes.”

Chantelle announced her news on Instagram with he message: “Say hello to our beautiful baby girl, born at 00:06 this morning totally unexpected in my mum’s bathroom.

“Let’s say it’s a good job my mum was there to catch her.

“But she’s here safe and sound, weighs a very healthy 8lb 14 and we couldn’t be happier. She has no name just yet but I’m sure we’ll think of something soon.”

While they baby daughter might not have wasted any time in being born, her parents are thinking long and hard about a name.

The couple have three other kids Jaden, 11, Reigan, 9, and sister Milanna, 2 (Credit: Instagram)

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Chantelle’s new tot is now at home being pampered by her big brothers Jaden, 11, Reigan, 9, and sister Milanna, 2.