Vogue Williams talks about having kids with Spencer Matthews

The smitten couple are getting serious – and Vogue seems to have tamed the Made in Chelsea lothario

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews began dating less than a year ago, but their relationship has quickly become serious. The couple are planning a long-term future together – and she seems to have tamed the Made in Chelsea star.

Spencer, whose previous girlfriends include Lucy Watson and Louise Thompson, was previously known for being unfaithful in relationships.

“He was young then and whatever he did in the past is not going to bother me or affect us,” Vogue told You magazine.

“Life makes sense now,” wrote Spencer alongside this pic (Credit: Instagram/spencermatthews)

She believes they could have a future together.

“We haven’t discussed having children together, we’re only seven months in.

“But it’s important to know what somebody wants, even if it’s not going to happen right now. I don’t think that I’d be with somebody if they didn’t want to have children.”

The couple are not shy about PDAs (Credit: Instagram/voguewilliams)

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The couple met when they were both appearing on The Jump earlier this year.

“You’re thrown into a situation where you’re living together for six weeks,” she continued.

“And it was about a month into it that we both thought, ‘Oh, maybe this could actually go somewhere.'”

Spencer recently shared a photo of them both on Instagram with the caption: “Life makes sense now.”

In August, Vogue shared an Instagram pic of their matching signet rings, which feature both their initials and were a gift for Spencer’s 28th birthday.

“Yes, we are that couple,” she wrote.

Spencer replied with three heart-shaped emojis.

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Fans are loving seeing their romance. “You are a gorgeous couple!!!” wrote one underneath her Instagram post. “Adorable,” wrote another.

Vogue, who is also a model and DJ, was previously married to Westlife star Brian McFadden for three years. She has admitted they are no longer friends.

Vogue says she was put off the idea of marrying again but is “softening to the idea”.