Vogue Williams mocked for ‘ridiculous’ specialist subject on Mastermind

Would any of us have done better?!

We’ve all thought about what we’d choose as our specialist subject if we were ever asked to compete on terrifying quiz show Mastermind.

But model Vogue Williams has been royally mocked on social media for picking Kim Kardashian as her subject when she appeared on the celebrity version of the show last night.

Vogue told the host John Humphreys that she was a bit sheepish about her choice.

“I do realise how ridiculous that seems,” she laughed.

But she added that she thinks reality TV star Kim is “incredible” and that “even her bum is interesting”.

Vogue smashed the first round of the quiz, scoring 11 out of a possible 12 in the Kim Kardashian questions.

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But viewers weren’t impressed with her choice of subject.

“I don’t know if that’s ridiculous or genius,” said one.

“How annoying is Vogue Williams?” asked another harsh critic.

And Vogue herself accepted that not everyone would embrace her topic of choice.

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“I can’t say anyone is too delighted,” she joked.

Sadly Vogue’s success in the first round wasn’t matched by her performance in the general knowledge round.

She only managed to answer one question correctly – about Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.

“That’s desperate,” she gasped as John Humphreys read out her score.

But though she got a lot of stick on social media for her performance, one viewer did point out that perhaps we were all a bit quick to judge.

“People can make fun of Vogue Williams all they want but I bet they all answered more questions about Kim Kardashian than William Gladstone,” the fan wrote.

Guilty as charged!

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