Vile trolls target Katie Price after she criticises CBB’s Trisha Paytas

Trisha's fans have covered Pricey's Instagram with awful messages

Katie Price was at the receiving end of some horrific online comments – with one troll even threatening to kill her daughter Bunny and another describing her son Harvey as “the most disgusting thing I have ever seen”.

The comments are alleged to have come from fans of Trisha Paytas, whom Katie had criticised.

Trisha hit back at Katie after the mother-of-five said she shouldn’t have left the CBB house. (Credit: YouTube)

Katie had appeared on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side and had slammed Trisha for walking away from the show, describing her as “weak”.

Katie got Trisha’s fans riled up after calling his “weak”. (Credit: Channel 5)

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Trisha, 29, fired back online: “hey @KatiePrice it’s not weakness when you walk away from a toxic situation. it’s weakness to stay in one like you did with your marriages.”

Katie’s Instagram feed was soon filled with negative comments, including emojis of snakes.

“Don’t mess with Trish!” wrote one.

Some of the comments were made next to a cute photo of her daughter Bunny, three. “Poor child has this mother who talks about other people who are more famous than them,” wrote one Instagram user, who added countless snake emojis.

There were some truly horrific comments on Katie’s Instagram page (Credit: Instagram)

A pretty photo of Princess was also covered in snake emoji’s, with one saying “EWWWWW” next to the snap.

Katie’s fans were appalled: “Wow some horrid trolls on here if you don’t like her why follow her [sic],” wrote one.

“@trishbishfish Your attitude is the most disgusting thing ever. Was you loved as a child? Clearly Not [sic].” added another.

“You saddos are targeting a picture of a child… how pathetic can you be?” asked one fan.

Trisha is known for her outspoken views. She said in the Diary Room: “Fake, disgusting people, disgusting humans in this house, absolutely gross.

“And if they are a representation to people in the UK, it is a disgusting [expletive] country. Disgusting.”

Trisha has been outspoken about both Katie Price and CBB (Credit: Twitter)

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The American reality star said CBB was the “worst experience” of her life.

“I’m sorry to those I let down,” Trisha wrote on Twitter. “Video explanation coming soon. Please believe the environment was extremely unhealthy.”

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