Viewers were NOT happy with Susanna Reid’s new budget food show

They weren't impressed with the choice of guests

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Normally viewers think Susanna Reid can do no wrong on Good Morning Britain, mostly because she’s admired for putting up with Piers Morgan.

But her new ITV show Save Money: Good Food was hit by criticism after it aired Tuesday night.

The presenter teamed up with Saturday Kitchen chef Matt Tebutt to show families – and viewers at home – how to knock up family feasts on a budget of a fiver per meal.

Lessons in how to eat delicious, quality grub on a budget? So far, so good.

However, some viewers were disappointed with the show’s choice of family for the first show.

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Manoj and Amy fork out £170 A WEEK on their food shop. They were stunned to be told this, guessing they were spending £70-£100.

People were not happy that the new series was advising people who, in their opinion, didn’t need help.

Someone tweeted: “People who don’t realise they’re spending £170 per week on food don’t need to go on a show about saving money.”

Another posted: “That is ‘NOT’ a poor family, a stupid one perhaps?”

A third wrote: “How do they not know they are spending over £170 a week on food, more money than sense #SaveMoneyGoodFood.”

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And still the vitriol came… another typed: “My god it really gets on my nerves when these saving money programmes, use high end income families.”

The eight-part series is part of ITV’s Save Money strand, which has featured Save Money: Lose Weight and Save Money: Good Health.