BBC Breakfast viewers up in arms over Dan Walker gaffe

He seemed so sure of himself, too

Dan Walker looked rather pleased with himself as he showed off his Game Of Thrones knowledge on today’s BBC Breakfast.

While discussing this year’s BAFTA nominations with Louise Minchin, the 40-year-old presenter referred to a GoT actress by her character name.

However, he was left with egg on his face as irate viewers pointed out on Twitter that he’d got his facts WRONG.

The nominations have just been revealed for this year’s BAFTA Awards, with the ceremony due to take place at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 18th February.

And Louise told viewers that there would be a segment on the Awards later in the show.

She revealed: “In about an hour, we’re going to speak to Natalie Dormer about all of that, as she was the one who announced the nominations.”

At that point, Dan gave a knowing smile and told his co-host: “Yes, and she was also Margaery Targaryen in Game Of Thrones – if you’ve seen Game Of Thrones, you’ll know that.”

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Looking a little sheepish, Louise confessed: “I’m not an expert on Game Of Thrones.”

But Dan looked pretty sure of himself, asserting: “Well, I think that’s correct.”

Except, er, it isn’t – and Game Of Thrones fans didn’t hesitate to alert Dan to his mistake.

One tweeted: “Natalie Dormer was not Margaery Targaryen, who does not exist, but Margaery Tyrell – and arguably by marriage Margaery Baratheon.”

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Another pointed out: “Margaery Tyrell and Daenerys Targaryen.”

And a third fan tweeted the presenter directly, asking: “Did you just say Margaery Targaryen?”, alongside a GIF that read: “Shame. Shame. Shame.”

Dan replied: “Is she a Tyrell?”

Perhaps he needs to give those box sets another viewing…