Emmerdale viewers turned off by shock bedroom antics with Robert and Lawrence

Slimy Sugden is out to blackmail his former father-in-law

Aaron admitted to little sister Liv last night that he still missed Robert. But at that precise time, his estranged husband was crawling into bed with the father of the woman he’s knocked up.

Keeping up?!

Let’s recap a bit more. Robert was gutted to see Aaron on a date with the dishy doc who saved Liv’s life, and that set him up in an almighty bad mood for the rest of the day.

Not an awkward encounter AT ALL (Credit: ITV)

So not a good time to cross paths with Lawrence, who he is steadily plotting to ruin anyway.

Lawrence had hit the bottle yet again, having received a letter from his ex to say he’d fallen for a Belgian builder called Serge.

Two two sworn enemies appeared to bond a little, as Robert opened up about his failed marriage to Robert.

But then it all got very weird… Robert insisted on helping pie-eyed Lawrence up to bed.

As Lawrence passed out, Robert dropped an empty condom wrapper on his bedside table.

Robert came prepared, apparently… (Credit: ITV)

He then proceeded to whip his clothes off and jump into bed… and begin a waiting game for his bed fellow to wake up.

Waiting… scheming… (Credit: ITV)

Lawrence was duly horrified when he did open his eyes – and Robert led him to believe the two had slept together, even accusing the poor chap of taking advantage of HIM in his vulnerable state.

Robert pretended to be shocked (Credit: ITV)

And to make matters even worse, Finn then walked in on them.

Lawrence has begged Robert to keep his silence – but will that cost him Home Farm?

Viewers were appalled by how low Robert is now stooping – not to mention a little confused about his vendetta…

Where will it all end?

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