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EastEnders viewers think Jack’s nanny Ingrid is working with Max as part of revenge plot

Shock horror!

EastEnders Max Branning has been working on his revenge plot for what seems like forever and he’s managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, especially poor Carmel!

But there could be someone on the inside who knows all about his plans, and it’s someone many of us wouldn’t expect.

Hoards of EastEnders viewers have a shock theory that Jack Branning’s hot nanny Ingrid is actually working with Max as part of his revenge against his brother.

Credit: BBC
Ingrid is the nanny of Jack’s two children (Credit: BBC)

We wouldn’t put it past Max, especially as earlier this year he called Jack’s late wife Ronnie’s ex to take back his son Matthew, even though Jack had raised him as his own. Jack was left devastated and completely unaware that his own brother had caused all of his emotional pain.

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Viewers don’t think it would be much of a stretch to assume that Jack’s new nanny could have been hired by Max, to weasel her way into the family and destroy Jack.

How? We’re not sure yet, but seeing as the nanny and her boss have already shared a kiss, it could all end in tears for the father of two.

After the smooch she packed her bags and left suddenly, which caused many to believe that she felt guilty for stringing him along on Max’s orders.

Credit: BBC
The two couldn’t keep things professional any longer as they shared a kiss (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans took to Twitter to express their theories. One said: “Max is behind everything, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s paid the nanny to seduce Jack to toy with his head!! #EastEnders.”

While one viewer speculated: “Ingrid has to be part of Max’s plan. Running away after a kiss & the kids’ questions. She doesn’t want to hurt Jack. #EastEnders.”

Many others are on the same trail of thought as they believe Ingrid is up to something, one viewer tweeted: “That Ingrid is well dodgy. Jack needs to be careful, there’s just something about her that ain’t right.”

Another said: “Hoping Ingrid’s resignation note lets Jack know she was secretly working for Max but couldn’t go through with it after the kiss #EastEnders.” Ooh wouldn’t that be a great plot twist.

Ingrid was hired after Ronnie’s death as Jack struggled to cope with looking after the kids on his own. As soon as Ingrid arrived on the Square it was impossible to deny her likeness to his late wife, as her bright blonde hair and striking features are the spit of Ronnie’s. Coincidence? We think not.

Evil Max is manipulating everyone around him (Credit: BBC)

Max is no stranger to messing about with people’s hearts as he is currently leading Carmel on and using her for information.

Max’s revenge plot is part of a long drawn out storyline that sees many of the Square’s residents getting unknowingly tangled up in his web. Apart from his own brother, Max has already got to Jane and Ian and the Carters as he attempts to take full ownership of their businesses.

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Ian and Jane agreed to sell the chip shop to Max, while his girlfriend Fi is running The Vic as part of their plan to take over Albert Square.

Ever since Max was released from prison after being falsely charged for killing Lucy Beale, he has been on a mission to destroy and manipulate the lives of friends and family members. We can’t wait for it all to come to blows and for someone to find out what he’s up to!

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