Viewers “switch off” new thriller Born To Kill after brutal murder

New series from the makers of Line Of Duty isn't pulling any punches

Earlier this week we teased the start of new psychological thriller Born To Kill on Channel 4, promising that it would be as compelling as Broadchurch.

And viewers were certainly drawn to the drama from the people behind BBC One’s current rating and critical acclaim winner Line Of Duty.

But many were also incredibly disturbed by the closing scenes, which saw the lead character – the charismatic but obviously troubled teenager Sam – murder a frail old patient in hospital.

Sam’s mum is a nurse, and her son habitually visits the ward she works on, seemingly innocently keeping elderly patients company.

But his mask slipped as the first episode neared its close, with the awkward teenager arriving on the ward late at night, after becoming agitated by a so-called friend.

During a conversation with Mr Williams, he grew increasingly irritated, resulting in him murdering the old man, before brazenly strolling out of the hospital.

The scene lit up Twitter, with many viewers expressing horror – as well as critical praise.

One was so frightened, they suggested they would not be tuning into the next episode, writing:”Don’t think I’ll continue to watch this. That was an horrendous scene. Disturbing as hell #BornToKill.”

Another posted: “What is this I’m watching? I know it’s called #borntokill but that was a bit distressing,”

A third wrote: “I literally just had to watch that last scene behind my cushion! #BorntoKill.”

Praise for the four-part drama, which stars former Line of Duty actor Daniel Mays, included this comment from one viewer: “Pretty sure #BorntoKill is going to be an amazing series. Episode one had me hiding behind my hands.. I’m gripped! What is going to happen?”

Another echoed that sentiment writing:”I need to see next week’s episode already #BorntoKill hooked @jackorowan captivating.”

In the next episode, Sam’s murdering father is set to be released from prison. The teenager has not met him before and believes he is dead – he tells people he died a hero, serving in Afghanistan.

Evidently he has inherited the ‘killer gene’… but where will it lead?