EastEnders viewers stunned by basic error during Whitney’s ‘departure’

Whitney doesn't know what time of day it is

Last night’s EastEnders was an emotional rollercoaster, as poor old Whitney waited around at the train station for her fiance Woody, only for him to stand her up.

The pair were supposed to be starting a new life together in Spain, but Whitney (Shona McGarty) eventually found a note from Woody (Lee Ryan) telling her that he’d left without her.

However, some viewers managed to miss all the drama, as they were too busy focusing on a continuity blunder (yes, another one).

When Stacey (played by Lacey Turner) said goodbye to her pal at the station, it was broad daylight.

However, moments later it was dark outside as we saw Whitney waiting for Woody.

And then, almost immediately, it was daytime again! Now, unless they were insinuating that Whitney had waited ALL NIGHT for her beau (unlikely, we’d say), it was a great big gaffe on EastEnders’ part.

And the Twitter jury were quick to pass sentence on the BBC show.

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One fan wrote: “Did anyone else notice the fact that when Stacey was leaving the tube station after saying goodbye to Whitney, one minute it was daylight, next it was going dark, then – hey presto – daylight again?”

Another quizzed: “Did Whitney wait all night? Was dark when Stacey left her… daylight when she found the note.”

And a third added: “Poor Whitney @ShonaBM – but at least she’s discovered the ability to alter time. Day to night to day again.”

Fans of Lee Ryan, 34, will no doubt be disappointed that he’s left the show so soon after he joined.

The singer only made his entrance in Albert Square in April of this year.

But don’t fret, guys, as according to Digital Spy the Kent-born hunk is merely taking time out from the soap so that he can fulfil his commitments with boyband Blue.

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The question is: will Whitney welcome him back with open arms, or will she give him the old heave-ho for standing her up at the station?

We’re sure it’ll all become as clear as day (or should that be night?).