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Monday 1st June 2020

Viewers 'struggle to watch' Piers Morgan's 'chilling' interview with convicted killer

Chilling viewing

Piers Morgan has made a name for himself outside of Good Morning Britain by interviewing some of the scariest serial killers in the world.

But in his latest show - Psychopath With Piers Morgan - viewers found his interview with convicted murderer Paris Bennett "tough to watch" thanks to some disturbing scenes.

Piers interviewd killer Paris Bennett (Credit: Plum Pictures/ITV)

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Piers, 54, met with Bennett in prison, with a screen separating the two.

Bennett stabbed his four-year-old sister to death in 2007 when he was 13.

Diagnosed as a psychopath, he's now serving a 40-year jail sentence for his horrific crime.

For many years, there was just this hot, flaming ball of wrath in the pit of my stomach and it was directed at my mother.

During the programme, he told Piers: "For many years, there was just this hot, flaming ball of wrath in the pit of my stomach and it was directed at my mother."

He added that he wanted to hurt his mother, who was listening in on the interview, in "the worst possible way".

Viewers were repulsed by Bennett and his crime (Credit: Plum Pictures/ITV)

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As Piers probed into the mind of Bennett, viewers were quick to take to social media to express their views.

"Watching #Psychopath @piersmorgan Chilling, frighteningly chilling," one viewer wrote.

Another said: "@piersmorgan #psychopath compelling chilling and disturbing. Not easy viewing."

A third chipped in by saying: "Watching #psychopath with @piersmorgan this is so disturbing."

"@piersmorgan I’m really struggling with this one tonight! Tough to watch! #Psychopath," a fourth admitted.

Finally, one viewer wrote: "Wow this has to be the most chilling interview @piersmorgan has ever done #Psychopath."

Even Piers was taken aback by Bennett (Credit: Ana M Wiggins /

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Even Piers himself, best known for his polarising viewers on breakfast television, was taken aback by Bennett.

"The most chilling interview I've ever conducted," he said in one tweet.

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