Casualty viewers spot big gaffe as Connie returns to work just two weeks after having cancer surgery

Her recovery is "unrealistic" fans grumble

Connie Beauchamp arrived back in the ED in last night’s Casualty – much to the surprise of her colleagues, and the viewers!

Just two weeks ago, Connie was having life-saving surgery for an aggressive type of cancer, and viewers watched in horror while she suffered a cardiac arrest as the doctors fought to remove a tumour.

But wearing killer heels and a sharp suit, Connie walked back into the ED – ready to interview Ethan Hardy for the role of consultant.

Ethan was horrified to see Connie as it was the first time they’d met since she totally mis-read the signals and kissed him, just before her op.

He tried to clear the air, but Connie simply said they’d have time to chat that afternoon.

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Of course what she meant – and what Ethan didn’t know – was that Connie was heading up the interview panel for his job. Awks!

As nervous Ethan answered the panel’s tough questions he even made a thinly veiled reference to his colleague’s cancer battle.

“I’d still be there for them, if they needed me,” he told Connie.

But in typical Beauchamp style, she simply retorted: “It sounds like you have boundary issues.”

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In the end, Connie came good and Ethan was given the promotion.

But the episode left fans questioning how Connie could even have been back on her feet after such a serious illness.

“What on earth is Connie doing back at work?” asked one fan.

Another fan called Connie’s return, “baffling” while another said that she herself had been off work for a year when she’d faced a similar fight against cancer. “This is not true to life,” the viewer wrote.

“This is ridiculous,” grumbled another fan.

While we agree that it’s not exactly realistic for poor Connie to heading back to work so soon, we can’t help being very pleased to see her back where she belongs!

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