Coronation Street viewers slate rape plot

The storyline is too dark for some

Corrie viewers were left disgusted after last night’s episodes revealed evil builder, Pat Phelan, isn’t just a kidnapper and fraudster – he’s also a rapist.

He was exposed after Lydia, a friend of Nicola Rubinstein’s parents, revealed that Nic’s mum didn’t have an affair with Pat as the builder claimed.

He was recently revealed to be Nicola’s biological father.

Viewers had wondered why Lydia had seemed so horrified after seeing a picture of Phelan a few weeks back – and last night they finally discovered why.

Lydia made the disturbing revelation and warned Nicola to stay away from Pat.

Nicola was left shaken to discover that she wasn’t the product of an intense love affair – as Phelan had pretended – but a sexual assault.

Lydia explained that Phelan was friends with Nic’s mum and Isaac, the man she had grown up believing was her dad.

She went on to say that there had been a major row one night in the street with Phelan, just before Nicola’s parents moved away.

Nicola asked Lydia: “So you don’t think it was an affair. It was a one off?

Lydia replied: “I only know what you mum told me. She said…she said Pat forced himself on her.

“And then when she came back a few months later to pick up some bits she was pregnant with you.”

A tearful Nicola asked: “Hang on she, she said, he forced himself on her. You mean…he raped her.”

The storyline left a nasty taste in the viewers who claimed it had now gone too far and called for it to end.

They took to Twitter to plead with bosses to end the traumatic storyline.

One angry viewer said: “Enough’s enough now with Phelan. Too evil, too cruel and disgusting to keep getting away with it.”

Another tweeted: “I think it’s about time Pat Phelan was killed off or put in jail, it’s getting boring now and he’s getting on my nerves.”

A third asked: “anyone else think #corrie went too far with #phelan storyline?”

As well as being unmasked as a sex offender, Phelan also committed a double murder last night, killing off his prisoners Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford, crossing into new soap villain territory.

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