Emmerdale viewers slate Paddy and Rhona’s unrealistic life

They don't seem to do much work!

Emmerdale fans have developed a little bit of beef towards Rhona and Paddy – more specifically, how little work they appear to do, considering they run a veterinary practice.

Viewers on the endlessly entertaining Digital Spy forum can’t understand how they are managing to keep the business – which also counts vet Vanesssa and receptionist Pearl among its staff – afloat.

The trio of animal doctors are always distracted by personal matters, trips to the pub – or fear of, um, certain creatures.

Paddy and Rhona, for example, missed work on two occasions because of Christmas commitments; first for Nativity rehearsals, then for the actual the Nativity.

They were joined by Vanessa in the Woolpack after – meaning no vets were on duty.

One DS user posted: “On 2 occasions last week Paddy,Vanessa and Rhona were absent from the Village Vet Practice. One day for Nativity rehearsals, then the Nativity itself.

“Then in the pub afterwards Paddy stays and Vanessa and Rhona go off into town. Two full days with no actual vet in residence.

“Poor old Pearl sat in the vets with no clients and people with animals who need urgent assistance asking to ring back another day.

“Any other business would have folded by now.”

Well, yes, very good point well made.

Another posted to Digital Spy then pointed out: “Vets on call never drink alcohol either – Rhona and Vanessa never stop and if someone has a sick animal you cannot just phone them and cancel their appointment as if you were the hairdresser.

“I am surprised that the pair of them have not been reported to the RCVS by now.”

A third commented: “The three vets in ED are a joke.

“In real life nobody would take their animals to them, they give out the impression that they have no confidence, no ability and no care or compassion, the three things that people want to see in someone they are trusting their precious pets with.

“If I was as nervous/ incompetent as Paddy, waspish as Rhona and lackadaisical as Vanessa in my job, I would not have a single customer!”

Hmmmm, it’s as though these people haven’t noticed it’s JUST A SOAP…

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm.

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