Viewers slam The Chase replacement Babushka

Viewers weren’t happy when it was revealed Babushka was replacing The Chase – now they’ve seen it, they’re still not happy

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Poor Rylan Clark-Neal has had a tough time of it of late.

And all because his new show Babushka has replaced The Chase in its daily time slot.

Rylan has caused some upset (Credit: ITV)

For some reason, this has proved to be as controversial and debate-worthy as Theresa May holding her shock election next month.

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When viewers heard about the new game show, they took to Twitter – as these moaners do – and poured scorn on the show without having even seeing it.

They were upset that the show was replacing the popular Bradley Walsh-hosted quiz, ignoring the fact that the shows was taking its annual five week break. Just as it had in previous years.

Fans were upset that this show was replacing The Chase (Credit: ITV)

The torrent of abuse, which at times was homophobic, got so much  for Rylan that he decided to quit Twitter.

“I was getting tweets saying I was taking over The Chase,” he explained to the Loose Women.

“It was getting out of control. I felt like I’d gone back five years to when I was on X Factor, being unfairly judged. I don’t need the homophobia…”

No longer wanting to deal with the constant anger, he quit twitter, saying:  “Getting a bit ridiculous now. Just doing my job. Enjoy the show. Coming off here for a while”.

But now the show has finally aired and still viewers aren’t happy. Not that we expected them to be happy.

And the general consensus from viewers was that the show was no where near as good as The Chase – or so said fans of, er, The Chase would have us believe!

Many compared the format – which has a series of Russian Dolls containing various amounts of money – to popular Channel 4 Deal Or No Deal.

Others moaned about the irritating contestants, while others bleated that they thought there weren’t enough questions in the 50minute show.

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But there were actually some fans of the fun new show with many saying they actually preferred it to The Chase.

Babushka is on ITV at 5pm every week day for the next five weeks. Enjoy an let us know what you think.