Emmerdale viewers slam police ‘blunder’ in murder investigation

What a let down!

Emmerdale viewers finally discovered who killed Emma Barton in a heart-stopping reveal last week, as her final moments were played out in flashback scenes.

Fans watched as Moira pushed the unhinged medic to her death – after she was goaded into it.

The traumatised farmer confided her deadly deed in ex, Cain Dingle, who has gone to desperate lengths to stop her confessing to police.

Cain took extreme measures to protect his ex (Credit: ITV)

He was even prepared for her son, Adam, to take the fall for the murder.

But Moira has been driving herself crazy with guilt and decided to admit her crime.

Cain had taken extreme measures to stop her confessing, locking her in her bedroom.

But Moira broke free and headed to the police station; Cain gave chase and warned the cops she would say anything to set free Adam, currently suspected of causing Emma’s demise.

Will Adam go down for his mum’s crime? (Credit: ITV)

The police listened to Moira’s version of events and then went to Adam to reveal that someone had come forward and admitted responsibility.

Moira had something to get off her chest (Credit: ITV)

And then everything backfired as Adam, guessing they were talking about his mum, confessed to killing Emma to protect her.

Moira then walked free – and viewers were fuming at the police officers’ apparent ineptitude…

One fan posted on Twitter: “The policeman in emmerdale has to be one of the worse soap characters of all time #Emmerdale.”

Viewers slammed the police interview (Credit: ITV)

“This is disgraceful. Someone has just confessed to MURDER and they ignored it.

“Even if Moira was lying, they should be taking it seriously #Emmerdale,” wrote another.

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