Viewers slam The Only Way Is Essex ‘MEAN GIRLS’ fight

Megan was thrown to a pack of wolves, said one viewer

Megan Mckenna’s TV meltdowns are legendary – who can forget her epic Celebrity Big Brother tantrum?

The girl’s got no filter and blows up before she’s had chance to think about what she is saying.

But that is no excuse for people to have a go en masse at her – and that’s what viewers felt was happening on last night’s TOWIE.

Megan, recently returned to the reality show, had made up with Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green after not speaking for a year, in last Wednesday’s episode.

But during last night’s episode she got tearful down the gym with boyfriend Pete Lock, Amber Turner and James Lock.

She had heard that Tommy Mallet had been gossiping about her, saying she’d only made up with the rest of the ‘Girl Band’ because she didn’t have any friends.

Pete tried to console her as she sobbed about it not being fair.

Later in the episode, Megan told Chloe M and Courtney what people were saying and admitted she was upset about people saying that their making up had been “convenient”.

Courtney replied: “Everyone has been saying the same thing and I don’t think that it’s a tactical thing at all.”

But Megan had a bee in her bonnet and wanted to have it out with Tommy’s girlfriend Georgia, who accused her of being an attention seeker.

“You make everything about you,” she spewed.

Cue more tears.

But viewers were very definitely on Megan’s side…

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