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This Morning viewers slam Eamonn Holmes for being “rude” to guest

They clashed during a debate

On today’s This Morning, presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford clashed with a guest during a heated debate.

Jenna Ward came onto the show after her 14-year-old daughter was repeatedly punished at school for wearing make-up, and she felt the rules should be changed.

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Jenna and Christine disagreed on whether children should be allowed to wear make-up to school (Credit: ITV)

A headteacher who regularly appears on the show, Christine Cunniffee, sat next to Jenna and said that children shouldn’t wear make-up to school.

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But it wasn’t the clash between the guests that caught the viewers’ attention, because Eamonn and Ruth were accused of being “rude” to Jenna.

Jenna couldn’t see the problem with her child wearing a “minimal” amount of make-up as she explained: “She wears a base foundation to cover her acne, she does her eyebrows and a bit of mascara.”

She said her daughter’s school had a “no tolerance” policy to kids wearing make-up. She has since enrolled her child at a different school.

Ruth asked her: “Why did you let her go to school with make-up on if you knew the policy was no make-up?”

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Viewers felt that Eamonn and Ruth were rude to Jenna (Credit: ITV)

Jenna said that the make-up helped her daughter’s confidence because she was being bullied for having acne.

She said: “It’s about making herself feel good, it’s about being body positive.

“I don’t think a child should be put in detention because their eyebrows are too big.

“It’s ridiculous, the school should be concentrating on educating the children.”

Eamonn’s response outraged viewers, as he replied: “You could argue you should be concentrating on your child’s education as opposed to the way she looks, that should be the priority.”

Before Jenna could finish her response Eamonn cut her off to talk to the headteacher and get her point of view.

Later on in the interview, Jenna recalled that she was allowed to wear make-up at school when she was younger and “there was never an issue”.

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Eamonn interrupted Jenna a couple of times (Credit: ITV)

But Eamonn snapped back when Jenna said “you never heard of issues back then”, as he quickly replied: “Course you did! Course you did!”

Ruth was also shaking her head and admitted it was an issue at her school as she wasn’t allowed to wear “a scrap” of make-up.

Many viewers took to Twitter to express their anger at the bad way they felt Jenna was treated.

One said: “Eamonn and Ruth were so rude to the lady who was just on @thismorning.”

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Another tweeted: “I actually think Eamonn Holmes is being really rude.”

A third said: “Very professional Eamonn! Not!” And a fourth commented: “@EamonnHolmes is so rude at interviewing. It’s 2017 we know in your day things were strict. It’s only makeup!”

“Why doesn’t Eamonn ever let anyone speak on #ThisMorning… seriously can’t watch it when him an Ruth are on it they’re so annoying!” said a fifth.

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