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EastEnders viewers slam ‘distasteful’ funeral parlour scenes in heist plot twist

It made some feel 'sick'

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EastEnders ended with a shock plot twist last night in a special Wednesday night visit to Albert Square.

As the fall out of the heist involving Phil Mitchell, Mick Carter, Keanu Taylor and Vincent Hubbard continued, the hapless robbers were desperate to find out where mastermind Aidan Maguire had stashed their loot.

The heist group gathered to get their money hidden inside a coffin (Credit: BBC)

Unfortunately, it turned out he had trusted Billy Mitchell with the job, and he was supposed to have hidden the money inside a casket at his funeral parlour.

However, when he reopened the coffin with such force it toppled over, the group were stunned when the body of an old woman rolled out.

Not everyone thought it was funny as the characters were in for a surprise as they prised the casket open (Credit: BBC)

It seems Billy made a massive mix-up with a funeral he’d held that day. Oops!

The scenes left many wondering if the group will now be forced to dig up their money or deal with it going up in smoke if the other casket was cremated, but others found the storyline just too much.

It seems Billy made made a mix-up with the caskets… (Credit: BBC)

They accused the soap of being “distasteful” on Twitter and said the scenes made them feel “sick”.

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One wrote: “I understand #Eastenders have to write a storyline etc BUT a deceased body falling out of a coffin is not what I call entertaining, it’s somewhat distasteful!”

They added: “I don’t think the dead should be joked about in such a way.”

Instead of finding their money, a dead body rolled out and some viewers found this offensive (Credit: BBC)

Another agreed writing: “I know it’s just a show but if you’ve been there it’s quite emotional & some things should be respected.”

A third said: “Did they really need to have the body fall out? That made me feel sick.”

However, others saw the dark humour in the scenes and likened the show to comedy favourite Only Fools and Horses, saying it made them laugh.

So where will the plot go from here? Could there be a grave robbery in future scenes?

What will happen to The Vic if the money isn’t retrieved?

What are the guys going to do now? (Credit: BBC)

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Or could it all be part of a set-up by Aidan so he can keep all the stolen money himself?

Whatever you thought of last night’s ending, at least EastEnders can’t be accused of being boring anymore!

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