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Filthy House SOS: Viewers slam Channel 5 hosts for ‘degrading’ and ‘humiliating’ woman with grimy flat

Issues with the presenting style

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Viewers have slammed Channel 5‘s Filthy House SOS for ‘degrading’ and ‘humiliating’ a woman with a grime-ridden flat in Kent.

In last night’s (Sunday, May 10) episode, a series one repeat, hosts Jon and Brennan visited Elaine in her two-bedroom home in Rochester.

The cleaning experts were stunned at the state of her flat, which had rubbish and plastic bags piled everywhere and dirt left uncleaned on every surface.

Filthy House SOS
Elaine struggled to clean due to health conditions (Credit: Channel 5)

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Elaine explained: “At the moment my flat makes me feel embarrassed. It makes me feel sad.”

What happened in the episode?

The programme explained that she volunteers at a charity shop because she likes to meet new people, but really struggles to keep on top of her cleaning and tidying due to health issues.

Elaine has tendinitis, which she said makes simple things like bending down or even standing at the kitchen sink uncomfortable and painful.

“It can be a nightmare having tendinitis,” she said. “I have to walk through the pain. I do struggle.”

Jon and Brennan arrived to help make Elaine’s home livable again and show her how to keep on top of the cleaning.

Filthy House SOS
Her house hadn’t been cleaned in years (Credit: Channel 5)

Jon said bluntly, as Elaine showed them her filthy kitchen: “Considering it’s a kitchen and you cook here, it’s absolutely disgusting.

Later, he sprayed the sides with a generous amount of cleaner and told her, as he worked: “See how it’s all moving around, loose now? And what’s that, a couple of minutes’ work?”

Earlier, when they sat Elaine down to explain the process, Jon had told her bluntly: “You said your mum passed away 25 years ago? She used to give you the kick up the bum. Well, I’m here instead of her. I’m here to give you the kick up the bum.

Filthy House SOS
Some viewers took issue with the hosts’ presenting style (Credit: Channel 5)

“We’ve seen a lot of people who go, ‘Ah yeah, I’m going to stick to it, I’m going to do this, I’m going to clean every day’. We leave and then a couple of days later, or a couple of weeks, it’s back to square one.”

What did viewers think?

Viewers on Twitter appeared to take issue with the episode.

One tweeted: “Well, this cringer of a series isn’t getting any better. Those presenters are shocking and the way these people are treated. Time to get responsible @channel5_tv #FilthyHouseSOS.”

Another said: “This is so degrading. I feel sorry for the woman on this programme. They are [bleeps] #filthyhousesos.”

Bring back Kim and Aggy.

A third wrote: “The least ch5 could have done would be to buy the poor woman a new carpet for allowing Brennan to humiliate her on national TV.”

Someone else demanded: “Bring back Kim and Aggy.”

ED! contacted Channel 5 and a spokesperson for the broadcaster said: “We always ensure our contributors are fully supported, from casting through to post TX, and have access to psych support if required.”


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Not everyone felt that way though, as some viewers thought the cleaning duo were “gentle” with Elaine, considering. Others hailed them a pair of “legends”.

“I think these two guys are being really gentle with Elaine,” said one. “She’s so sweet and obviously needs the help. All the best to her. #filthyhousesos.”

“@filthy_5 Jon and Brennan you pair of legends #filthyhousesos,” wrote another.

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