This Morning viewers slam Amanda Holden as she blunders with unforgivably stupid’ interview mistake

Someone didn't do her research!

This Morning stand-in Amanda Holden failed to do her research before interviewing astronaut Tim Peake.

The former International Space Station crew member was on the sofa to discuss his new book – but viewers were left cringing after Amanda, 46, posed a baffling question.

Getting herself all mixed up, she asked Major Peake: “Did you take a piece of the moon and bring it back with you?”

Yes. Did he bring home a piece of the moon?

*Face palm*

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Major Peake, 45, very politely told Amanda that he’d been on the International Space Station so didn’t actually set foot on the moon, and, being a total gentleman, quickly moved on to say he’s often asked about souvenirs.

Viewers at home, however, took to social media to blast Amanda for not researching her guest.

One wrote: “OMG. I can’t believe Amanda Holden just asked Tim Peake if he brought back anything from the moon.”

Another said: “Does anybody do any research?! Cringing.”

Another viewer said: “Does Amanda Holden actually know anything about Tim Peake… he didn’t go to the moon you idiot! #cringetelly.”

And a fourth added: “Did Amanda Holden just ask if Tim Peake brought a bit of the moon back and did he get off?”

Other viewers were unimpressed at the overall interview, saying Major Peake could have been asked ANYTHING about space but was quizzed on how you go to the toilet in weightlessness.

To be fair, though, it’s a question he talks about in his book!

Plenty more viewers, meanwhile, thought the interview was great and said they could listen to Major Peake’s stories about space all day.

Major Peake was promoting his book, Ask An Astronaut: My Life In Space, which is giving its proceeds to The Prince’s Trust.

He said: “I love talking about space, of course, and I’m very passionate about it.

“When I first landed I did a post-flight tour and was getting bombarded with brilliant questions, so I wanted to capture all that information and write it down while it was fresh in mind.”

So, what did we learn from his interview?

Well, apparently how to go to the toilet in space is the most asked question he gets and the answer is a) very carefully with good aim and b) using air flow.

“In weightlessness everything hangs around unless directed so we turn on a big fan. You pee into a hose and an airflow, like a vacuum cleaner, goes through it.

“The interesting thing is it’s collected in a big retainer and we recycle 80 per cent of urine into drinking water, along with sweat, condensation and the moisture we breathe out.”

The grossest part of space, according to Major Peake, is dead skin on your feet.

“We don’t use our feet because we don’t walk. There is no pressure on our feet so all the dead skin completely sheds off.

“It’s the best pedicure in the world and you have baby soft feet when you come back from space! But when you take your socks off, all that dead skin goes everywhere.”

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Meanwhile, he said the hardest part of the two and a half years training for a space mission is learning Russian, as the space craft contains only Russian documentation.

And as for Amanda’s souvenir question, well, sadly it’s not allowed. Moon or otherwise.

“Everything is very strictly controlled and what is taken up is taken down,” said Major Peake.

“We can’t take anything!”