Viewers ridicule This Morning for shameful Prince William gaffe

What a stupid mistake to make

We think there may be a few telling-offs in the This Morning office later on this afternoon.

An absolutely chaotic show was capped by whoever writes the teleprompter making a rather unforgivable error.

Where Holly and Phil were due to be talking about Prince William’s new exercise routine, all viewers could talk about was one thing.

Whoever was writing the graphics on screen made a critical gaffe, referring to him as “Price William” rather than “Prince”.

We’ve never heard of him (Credit: Twitter)

Of course, eagle-eyed viewers were straight onto Twitter to let the show know that they hadn’t gotten away with that error.

With one person writing: “The person on graphics needs to go over his spellings.”

This was just one of a string of technical issues to hit the show today.

Firstly, the entire thing was off the air for 12 minutes, with nothing but an apology card on screen by way of explanation.

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It was right in the middle of a sad section about a dog with a broken heart, too!

Must-see TV (Credit: Twitter/ITV)

And pity the poor announcer who had to try and fill almost a quarter of an hour of airtime with absolutely nothing to go on.

All he could was repeatedly talk about how sorry the station was for the technical difficulty.

Fans weren’t overly impressed with this, either, with one writing: “Going out of my mind and never heard someone say sorry so much.”

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Add to this an escaped snake, the power going out at the station AGAIN a few minutes after coming back on air, and a serious meltdown from Rylan and it was the most action-packed This Morning in ages!

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