Viewers relieved as Bethany finally asks for help – but is her ordeal over yet?

After months of anguish, Bethany saw the light about Nathan

Finally, Bethany Platt has finally seen through twisted Nathan Curtis.

In one of the most tense and dramatic episodes this year, she sought help from a stranger at a service station.

It’s been months of abuse and we’ve been left wondering if she’d ever have the wool pulled from her eyes.

Bethany appears to have had enough (Credit: ITV)

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Now, thank goodness, she’s admitted she needs help and that evil Nathan was trying to make her leave the country.

Bethany asked strangers to call the police and help her (Credit: ITV)

Not that it’s all going to be plain sailing from here on in because, even though Nathan’s mask has slipped – Bethany is still with him.

Speaking on yesterday’s Loose Women, Chris Harper, who plays Nathan revealed there’s still a way to go with the storyline as he’s still filming. Meaning Bethany isn’t free from his clutches yet.

“It’s a heartbreaking journey,” he explained. “She [Bethany] thinks Nathan loves her, she thinks the way he treats her is right and natural, you have to go through a really heartbreaking process of realising that’s not true, that it’s wrong.”

Nathan drove off with Bethany headed for Belgium (Credit: ITV)

So will Bethany return to her family now and escape from nasty Nathan? Viewers hope so.

One said: “Hooray!!!!! Finally Bethany is seeing sense #Corrie ”

When Bethany said she didn’t have a passport, Nathan tried to organise a dodgy one. (Credit: ITV)

Another added: “Yes well done Bethany! Hopefully the police will find you before it’s too late #Corrie ”

A third said: “FINALLY BETHANY!!!! I really hope the woman helps her #Corrie ”

It’s been a distressing storyline with revelations Nathan is planning to sell Bethany into the Belgian sex trade.

Bethany’s mum Sarah was frantic when she heard that Nathan and Bethany had run off together (Credit: ITV)

He’s been thwarted so far because Bethany doesn’t have a passport but even that won’t stop him. Viewers watched in disbelief as he called a contact to get a dodgy new one.

Nathan was in tent on selling Bethany in to the Belgian sex trade (Credit: ITV)

Brave Mary Taylor has done all she can to try and protect Bethany, warning her back in Weatherfield that Nathan is bad news and even revealing she’d been raped and made pregnant with her son Jude as a result of her own attack.

But Bethany didn’t listen. As far as she could see, it was young love and Bethany said Nathan was “kind and funny”. Funny in the head, perhaps but not kind.

Mary stepped in and told Bethany that Nathan was an opportunist (Credit: ITV)

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Mary told Bethany: “The truth is he was an opportunist and what he saw wasn’t someone that he loved or even liked very much.

“It was someone who didn’t think much of herself and could be manipulated. There was no love Bethany. It was rape.”

Cue some amazing Coronation tweets from fans who love Mary.

One viewer said: “Stunning performance by Patti Clare tonight. The conviction and depth she brought to those scenes was incredible to watch. Mary, wise beyond her years. Love this character #Corrie.”

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