This Morning viewers praise Katie Price as she appears on show with children Junior and Princess

They came across very well

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Mum-of-five Katie Price appeared on Thursday’s This Morning to talk about her new reality show, My Crazy Life.

The former glamour model was then joined by her adorable children Junior, 12, and Princess, 10.

The two completely charmed viewers after opening up about life in front of the cameras.

Katie appeared on the show to talk about her reality show (Credit: ITV)

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As they sat down next to their mum on the sofa host Eamonn Holmes was quick to ask the youngsters: “You know [the show] is called ‘My Crazy Life’ do you think your mummy is a little bit crazy?”

Junior replied: “I think she is super crazy.”

Eamonn jumped in and asked: “Is she a fun mum?”

“She is very fun but if you do the slightest thing wrong like forget to make her a tea she’s like ‘I do everything for you, why can’t you just make me a tea and massage me’,” Junior said.

Co-host Ruth Langsford went on to ask them both how they felt being in the reality series.

Princess revealed she isn’t fazed by being in front of the cameras (Credit: ITV)

Katie’s mini-me daughter Princess said: “I don’t really notice [the cameras] because I just do my own thing.”

Speaking about the possibility of having the same showbiz career as their mum and dad, Peter Andre, Junior hinted that he would love a singing career.

Katie, 39, explained: “I’m not a pushy mum, they go to normal school.

“You’ve got [Junior] rapping. He’s actually really romantic with your singing.”

Ruth, 57, then asked the young lad: “Would you like to be a singer?”

Junior replied: “Well I’ve never actually thought of being a singer but I do sometimes think I could be.”

Could Junior follow in his dad’s music career footsteps (Credit: ITV)

But he went on to explain that he’s focusing on his school studies.

Junior explained: “I’m actually a prefect at school now. I like my school and I try and be good at school.

“My friends are supportive to me and I just like people who support me for what I do.”

Can he get any cuter?!

Quick to comment on Junior’s politeness Katie said: “Look how angelic you’re coming across today.”

Turning to Princess she added: “Don’t you think he’s being really nice? What is he normally like?”

The youngsters charmed viewers watching from home (Credit: ITV)

To which Princess said: “You normally just talk about rude things!”

Defending himself Junior told Eamonn and Ruth: “I have to be polite with people who I’m meeting.”

Princess piped up saying: “The people you know you’re not polite too!”

Meanwhile Katie was giggling at them both.

Laughing at Princess’ remarks Junior added: “You’re just trying to stitch me up!

“The people I get to know I’m more open to. I am never rude, I have crossed the line in the past but I do not cross it anymore.”

Eamonn praised the youngster before applauding him for his “wise” words.

Eamonn and Ruth were stunned at Junior’s “wise” words (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Princess and Junior were melting viewers’ hearts who were watching from home.

One wrote on Twitter: “Pete and Katie have both done a fabulous job with these two, both so well mannered and polite! #ThisMorning.”

“Katie’s Children are so sweet she is obviously doing a good job by them fair play #ThisMorning,” another said.

A third praised Katie saying: “Katie gets slated so much. She obviously can’t be that ‘bad’ as look how lovely her children are  #Thismorning @KatiePrice.”

A fourth agreed: “Katie never gets enough praise for how good a mother she actually is, those kids are a credit to her and @MrPeterAndre #ThisMorning.”

“Katie Price’s kids are extremely well spoken and genuinely seem polite and intelligent. Shook!” said another.