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EastEnders’ biggest earner revealed – and it’s not what we expected

We are all in the wrong jobs!

The highest earner in Soap Land has been revealed, and you might be surprised by who it is.

As the head of a London property company it’s Easties uber-villain, James Willmott-Brown, who rakes in the most money per year.

Willmott-Brown is the richest man in soap (Credit: BBC)

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According to research by Jackpot.com, which looked at the earnings of soap characters, JWB’s Weyland & Co. could make £70,000 a year. No wonder he looks so smug all the time.

Corrie’s Sally Metcalfe is the second most flush character. Her job as Mayor of Weatherfield would pick up £53,000 IRL.

The Mayor of Weatherfield isn’t hard up (Credit: ITV)

Peter Barlow isn’t short of a quid or two either – as landlord of the Rovers Return, he’d pocket a tasty £50,000 a year.

Peter’s no pauper (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale’s resident vets, Paddy Kirk and Rhona round up the top five, both earning £45,000.

Paddy and Rhona don’t do too badly (Credit: ITV)

Down the other end of the scale is EastEnders newbie Karen Taylor who, as a cleaner, only makes £16,622 which has to support five children and their dog, Bronson too.

Karen’s money doesn’t go very far and she recently headed to a loan shark for some quick cash.

The Taylor family always have money worries (Credit: BBC)

The knicker-stitchers over in Corrie don’t fare much better, taking home £16,622 as well, for their roles as factory machinists. Well, back when they all still had jobs, that is.

The table is propped up by EE’s Robbie Fowler who brings up the rear, only taking home £10,000 as a market inspector and Corrie’s Norris Cole who makes £15,853.00 as a newsagent.

Poor Robbie is the lowest earner in soap (Credit: BBC)

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Emmerdale’s residents turned out to be the wealthiest overall, with an average annual salary of £26,854, ahead of EastEnders characters (£25,934) and those in Coronation Street (£24,653).

So there you go.

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