Viewers poke fun at embarrassing opening blunder on BBC News bulletin – but journalist handles it like a pro

Newsreader had to dash around the studio

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Viewers were in for a surprise on Saturday morning after a bit of a blunder on BBC World News.

Newsreader Tom Donkin seemed confused as the 2am bulletin went live, awkwardly dashing across the studio after some unusual camera work meant he was in the wrong place.

But poor Tom had sprinted too far – completely out of shot in fact!

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When he did make it back onto screens, he was looking into the wrong camera.

A voice can be heard telling him ‘three’, referring to which camera to talk into in order to deliver the news to viewers.

After the bungled start to the bulletin, seasoned pro Tom didn’t let it shake him, delivering an update on Hurricane Irma calmly and professionally.

He may have hoped the incident went by unnoticed, but eagle-eyed viewers took to Twitter to prove there was no such luck.

Tom Donkin was seen dashing across the studio. (Credit: BBC)

One wrote: “Wonderful car crash opening to BBC World News just now. Pick a camera, any camera.”

Another was quick to point out Tom wasn’t to blame, tweeting: “BBC’s fault. No direction. Crazy choreography.”

Again showing solidarity with Tom, a viewer tweeted: “Respect to @TomDonkinBBC He is still one of best on @BBCNews”

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Seasoned journalist Tom clearly didn’t let it bother him too much.

Replying to the online ribbing, he tweeted: “Thanks for tuning in apart from some haywire cameras and lost guest — all went swimmingly!”

He added to another follower: “These things happen with live TV from time to time.”

Well handled, Tom!