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This Morning viewers outraged at couple in school debate

It was controversial

Hoards of viewers have tweeted their disgust at a couple who were guests during a debate on today’s This Morning about whether it’s okay for a boy to wear a dress to school.

The couple had controversial opinions on the subject. They have become known as they have taken their child out of school because another little boy was allowed to wear a dress.

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Phil and Holly looked concerned by the couple’s opinions (Credit: ITV)

Their children are now home-schooled because of the situation, and Nigel and Sally Rowe are taking the school to an educational tribunal because of it.

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They said to Phil and Holly: “To us that seems very young to start pushing an agenda at school.

“A child is not able to make a life-changing decision. We would say that children like that need support – we have compassion and support.

“It comes down to being a child and the statistic is 98 percent of people who get like that when they were younger turned out not to feel like that when they were older.”

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The couple have received a backlash on Twitter (Credit: ITV)

Phil seemed to get quite heated when Nigel said children who are suffering with gender dysphoria should seek “medical advice”.

Sally said: “We just feel that child needs to be taken aside with medical advice…”

Phil interjected and exclaimed: “Why? Why do they need that medical advice?”

Nigel replied that most children “grow out of” their gender confusion.

Later on in the debate Phil got a little annoyed again when he said to them: “It’s not an issue with the children – you’re the ones with the issue.”

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But Nigel insisted: “We feel that with such young children, it’s just not right.”

The couple said they didn’t take the decision lightly to take their child out of school, and they also took their other child out of school last year for the same reason.

They said it has been hard because they love the school and are friends with many other parents.

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Viewers were outraged with the couple’s opinions, with one tweeting: “Those parents are basically everything that is wrong with the world.”

Another viewer said: “Surely as parents it’s our job to show children how to react. Teach compassion, acceptance and inclusion.”

A third said: “Why are you even giving time to these people, This Morning… GET THEM OFF MY TV.”

A fourth tweeted: “Oh my God are those people for real? Why is it anyone else’s business if your child wears a dress.”

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