Viewers outraged by BGT child comedian Ned’s outrageous jokes

Viewers felt the little fella was too mean

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He was one of the most controversial contestants in this year’s series of BGT – at only nine years old.

Ned Woodman may have looked like a little angel, but get him on stage, hand him a mic and arm him with a barrage of gags and he became the wickedest comedian we ever did see.

Ned caused controversy in his audition when he referred to Amanda Holden a “dog” (Credit: ITV)

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Just ask Amanda Holden, who he controversially branded a “dog” in his audition performance.

And, last night, his gags poking fun at celebs divided audiences.

No celeb escapes the acid tongue of Ned (credit: ITV)

During his scathing routine, the little fella kicked off by making fun at the kings of telly, Ant and Dec.

He began by thanking them for spending all their hard earned dosh on getting him to the final – then spat out the killer punchline -“The lengths some people go to just to make themselves look taller.”

Ned poked fun at Ant & Dec’s height during his skit (Credit: ITV)

But that wasn’t all.

Ned also had other big stars in his sights: “How scary were those clowns last night,” he innocently quipped. “I have not seen wacky costumes and terrifying make up like that since Sharon Osbourne was a judge.”

The little blighter also poked fun at the judges sitting in front of him, by telling the audience: “If you don’t know what ironic means, it’s like these guys judging a talent show.”

Even the judges didn’t escape Ned’s acid tongue (Credit: ITV)

Ned even threw shade at Simon Cowell himself, who earlier in the week had made it clear he wasn’t overly happy that Ned had beaten singer Sarah Ikumu to the final, by pulling a rather unimpressed face.

Ned made reference to Simon’s displeasure that he had made it through to the final during his sketch (Credit: ITV)

Ned quipped: “Magicians are doing so well on the show this year, that I have decided to do a magic trick of my own. For my first trick, I am going to make the judges’ smiles disappear. Oh wait, I already did that by getting through to the final. ”

The judges seemed to think Ned was hilarious and Simon told him: “I love that we laugh at you ripping us apart… are you sure I’m not your dad?”

In spite of being thrown shade, Simon Cowell seemed to love Ned’s wicked routine (credit: ITV)

He added: “You’re on the verge of being annoying and likeable but I’ve made a career out of being that!”

But while the judges, Ant and Dec and the studio audience seemed to find the pint-sized comedian a hoot, viewers at home were not so sure about his routine.

“Don’t think Ned is funny at all #BGT”, one moaned, while another said: “Feeling really awkward watching Ned. Not funny #goingdownlikealeadballoon #BGT”, clearly not hearing the audience reaction in the studio.

Another said ahead of the results: “Really hoping Ned doesn’t win and got a nasty feeling he might. why are we laughing at someone being horrible? Really? #BeKind #BGT.”

Bu they weren’t the only ones. Loads of other viewers took to Twitter to slam Ned’s gags and, ironically, came as across meaner than Ned.

However, there were some viewers who found the wee nipper’s stand up rather rib-tickling.

One armchair critic said: “Ned = awesome work for a young boy! #BGT”, while another said, “Aww Ned did well #bgt.”

Amanda Tayor said: “Lots of negative comments about little #Ned. I think he’s hilarious.”

Tokio scooped the BGT title, while Ned came tenth (Credit: ITV)

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Sadly Ned’s sharp tongue didn’t win over enough viewers at home because when the final results had come through, Ned was 10th, while pianist Tokio was voted winner of the 2017 series.

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