Viewers of The Loch feel like they’ve seen it all before

The ITV series reminded many of another murder drama

Viewers tucked into the first episode of The Loch on Sunday night but said it was very similar to another series.

The brand new six-part series is set in the stunning Highlands of Scotland, as local detective Annie Redford (played by Laura Fraser) tries to uncover a serial killer.

The first episode saw the body of piano teacher Niall Swift found at the bottom of a cliff, and Annie working alongside DCI Lauren Quigley (Siobhan Finnerman) to find the murderer.

Annie investigates her very first murder case (Credit: ITV)

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There is also a man’s body found with a curling stone tied to his feet in the waters of Loch Ness.

Viewers at home were gripped by the drama, but couldn’t help but compare it to ITV’s Broadchurch.

The opening credits show a man drowned in Loch Ness (Credit: ITV)

One even called it “McBroadchurch”.

There were some who also thought that their Scottish accents were so strong, they couldn’t understand a word.

One said they “needed subtitles”.

During the opening episode, Annie and PC Denny attended the scene of a gory prank involving animal parts. Among all the bloody guts, Jason finds a heart and it turns out that Annie’s daughter Evie took part in the prank.

Before he was found dead, we saw piano teacher Niall fired by Dr Marr after his daughter’s piano lesson, as he didn’t like the fact Niall was gay and they had an argument.

Lauren and Annie to get work on solving the murder cases (Credit: ITV)

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Later on, Niall gets a text from somebody asking to meet him at a local area, but his body is found by a college teacher, Craig Petrie.

A post-mortem on the body showed that he was definitely murdered, and a slice of his brain had been removed.

The heart that Jason found turned out to be human, so Evie was called into questioning, meaning that Annie was taken off the case.

Catch the second installment on Sunday at 9 on ITV.

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