Coronation Street viewers notice huge prop blunder in dramatic double bill

Eagle-eyed fans noticed something seriously wrong

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There was drama galore in Wednesday night’s Corrie double bill, but in amongst all the explosive action viewers spotted a huge mistake.

Set up by evil Phelan, young Seb fell from his ladder while cleaning windows and was knocked out cold.

Anna Windass found him unconscious on the cobbles and bleeding from the head, and phoned for an ambulance but – as eagle-eyed viewers pointed out – without actually looking at her phone or dialling any numbers!

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As she simply picked the phone up and asked for an ambulance, fans were wondering if she had some kind of special connection to Weatherfield General…

“Anna’s phone is clever she got through to 999 without dialling a number #Corrie” tweeted one.

Another added: “Anna Windass not dialling 999 when calling an ambulance #whatsgoingon”

Fans have been critical of the soap recently, as actors have made a series of factual blunders – such as one of the characters putting metal in a microwave, or using Facetime on a Windows laptop.

One fed-up fan asked: “Who are these directors on Corrie? Another amateurish mistake Anna not dialling 999 #Corrie.”

But at least it didn’t take away from the action, which saw long-term enemies Anna and Pat come to blows again.

They had a huge fight, where she launched at him with a hammer and he got her in a chokehold and threw her to the ground – then later her earring had come out on the floor.

Something he will probably use against her later. He’s already got it to look like she caused Seb to fall from his ladder.

After winding the young lad up – and him still being angry with Anna for thinking she’d called social services – they had a huge row in the café.

As Seb called her “a chargrilled fish wife” – a nasty phrase straight out of the mouth of Phelan – she slapped him, in full view of several people.

Including her boss Roy, who begged her not to cause “any more violence.”

However, when Pat finds out that Anna also told his long-lost daughter Nicola about the time he blackmailed her into having sex with him to save her family, it’s safe to say there could be some more of that.

He’s also busy setting up his plan for hostage Andy to kill his crooked ex-business partner Vinny, by locking them both in the basement and telling Andy Vinny killed his ‘dad’ Michael.

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There really is nothing that psycho Phelan won’t do. Soap’s best villain might have gone too far for some fans, but others – including actor Derek Griffiths, who played Freddie – are loving actor Connor McIntyre’s portrayal.

He tweeted: “Oh Phelan, you horrible man,…. but Connor McIntyre you’re a great actor! D x #Corrie”

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.