This Morning viewers mock Phillip Schofield over ‘Netflix and chill’ error

Someone get him the Urban Dictionary!

This Morning viewers have advised Phillip Schofield to brush up on his slang after the TV star appeared to misunderstand the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’.

Phillip and Holly Willoughby were interviewing actress Sarah Parish about her new four-part drama series, Bancroft, which starts tonight on ITV.

Holly & Phil were interviewing Sarah Parish (Credit: ITV)

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At one point Schofe remarked: “I love the fact it’s over the four nights because we get terribly used to things like Netflix and chill, you know.

“You sit down and you’re going to watch the whole lot. It’s not going take you a month to watch it.”

Some viewers, however, felt Schofe had somewhat confused the meaning of ‘Netflix and chill’…

The most common meaning in slang is, basically, hooking up!

Ah well, we all know what he meant, right?

And technically Netflix and chill could very much mean staying at home, wrapping up warm, and binge-feasting on Netflix’s finest.

Speaking of binge-watching, we suspect Sarah’s new show Bancroft will be one to watch!

The dark drama, which airs across four consecutive nights on ITV, is about a respected police officer, DCI Elizabeth Banks, played by Sarah, who finds a dark secret from her past coming back to haunt her when a young officer re-opens an old cold case.

Bancroft sounds brilliant! (Credit: ITV)

“Elizabeth Bancroft is a fantastic character to play. She’s a proper old-fashioned control freak who has compartmentalised her life brilliantly. She’s great at her job, ruthless, ambitious and she is bad,” said Sarah.

“There is not much that’s redeemable about her. She’s managed to make her life pretty brilliant until this cold case is re-opened, which she has something to do with and it’s catching up with her.

“It’s a huge cat and mouse chase between her and this young copper.”

Sarah as DCI Bancroft (Credit: ITV)

Bancroft, which starts tonight, promises to be utterly compelling – but we don’t reckon the titular character will be getting much sympathy!

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“Usually with a character like this there is a redeemable feature,” said Sarah. “At the end of the series they do something brilliant – but not with her!”

“It’s four brilliant, edge of your seat, nail biting hours. Perfect for this time of the year!”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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