Viewers mock Lorraine Kelly’s move to the BBC

A slight hitch...

Television viewers have shared mixed reviews over Lorraine Kelly’s new Saturday night game show, Wedding Day Winners.

The Lorraine presenter teamed up with comedian Rob Beckett to front the BBC One show, which showed two couples compete in a series of wacky games and messy challenges in a bid to win a honeymoon, gifts and a wedding ceremony to be broadcast nationally.

The show opened on Saturday night with a special guest appearance from Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas, who stepped in to mediate a dance competition, as well as regular commentary from comedian Tom Allen.

But while it was a night of fun and games for the contestants and the glamorously dressed audience, viewers at home were not so sure.

One commented on Twitter: “There is something very very dated about this whole concept. From the wedding focus (like why are weddings still put on such pedestals in 2018) to the ridiculous tasks, to having Lorraine bounce up and down to pop a cork…#WeddingDayWinners.”

Another wrote: “What is this? I can’t believe my licence fee is being used to pay for weddings!!!!! This is worthy of Channel 5.”

“This is just dreadful,” added another. “I gave it 30 minutes and I’ll never get those 30 minutes back. Take it off.”

But the negative feedback was not unanimous, as one viewer responded: “I’ll be honest. Will there be a 2nd series, I don’t know. But there is something so joyous about Lorraine & Rob hosting together that I can’t hate it! Natasha & Dimitri and their family look STUNNING.”

Another wrote: “A big toast to the ultimate game show!!! Go get that winning couple Lorraine and Rob.”

Another fan applauded ITV breakfast show host Kelly’s comedic skills, commenting: “Great funny viewing…@reallorraine you are so funny xx.”

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