Viewers left uncomfortable by Aidan’s ‘sinister’ seduction of mistress Maria

The cheating hunk proved to be a bit of cheesy Casanova

If someone told you that they had bought you a replacement ‘tag’ which meant you’d be their ‘prisoner’, would you be flattered or scared stiff?

Well, that was the corker of a line delivered by Aidan Connor in last night’s Corrie when he was presenting Maria with a special gift.

Maria is out of prison early and brac in the arms of lover Aidan (Credit: ITV)

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However, viewers weren’t impressed by his flirtatious manoeuvres and poked fun at his slightly sinister banter.

In case you missed the scene, here’s a recap…

Maria and Connor – who, don’t forget, is going to with Eva – were back at her place flirting up a storm.

Now you may remember since leaving prison (for arranging a sham wedding) Maria has been on a police tag that she has only just had removed last night.

So as they settled into the flat Aidan asked her if she missed her tag, to which she replied: “Do you know what – I thought I wouldn’t but it actually feels a bit weird.”

Maria said that her ankle felt weird without a tag – but luckily Aidan had an answer (Credit: ITV)

Aidan then fell to one knee and pulled out a box and said: “I’ve got you a new tag – from now on you’re my prisoner.”

Not only did viewers gasp at the icky line, so too did Maria, who laughed: “That’s so cheesy and a little bit sinister.”

Aidan got down on one knee and presented Maria with her an ankle bracelet. (credit: ITV)

Laughing it off, he cheekily said: “Best of all – it means you can’t get fat ankles.”

Good point…

However, in spite of the heartfelt gesture, viewers weren’t too impressed by Aidan’s romantic patter.

“Aidan and Maria need to give it a rest, how cringeworthy! #Corrie” said one cringing viewer.

Another added: “Omg I’m retching over that ankle bracelet on #Corrie ”

Even though Aidan used the line “Now you’re my prisoner” Maria still snogged him (Credit: ITV)

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However, some viewers did think the gesture and the line was rather cute, with one tweeting: “From now on your my prisoner” totally cheesy Aidan but still a really sweet gesture #Corrie ”

A really sweet gesture from someone cheating on his girlfriend!