EastEnders viewers in tears as Taylor favourite forced out of the Square

Fans were not impressed

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EastEnders fans were left distraught during last night’s episode when a favourite member of the Taylor family was forced to leave Albert Square.

As we know single mum, Karen, has been struggling to find the money to pay back Lloyd, the nasty loan shark. He’s been trying to intimidate her by picking Chatham and Riley up from school and letting himself into her flat.

The loan shark has been intimidating Karen for weeks (Credit: BBC)

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Things came to a head on Tuesday night when, despite handing over some cash, Lloyd told her it wasn’t enough and ordered his equally grim henchmen to start taking the family’s property.

They helped themselves to white goods and the TELEVISON (nooooo!) before Lloyd decided there was something else of value that he wanted to get his snakey little mitts on -Bronson the dog!

Karen, along with her kids – Keanu, Bernadette and Keegan watched the heavies lead their pooch off before breaking down in tears.

And they weren’t alone either, EastEnders viewers took to Twitter to share their devastation over the doggie.

One tearful fan wrote: “Quite shameful how much I cried over them taking Bronson. Why am I a mess.”

Bronson was dragged away by the heavies (Credit: BBC)

Another had an idea to help out, suggesting: “Someone start a gofundme to get bronson back to the Taylor’s on #EastEnders”

A third viewer tweeted: “Me yelling at the screen when they took Bronson! I’M NOT HAPPY!’ along with a shouty GIF.

And a fourth said: “I just cried at them taking Bronson #EastEnders.”

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Karen promised her brood that she would do whatever it takes to get their beloved pet back.

In the meantime, anyone wanna start a petition?

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