EastEnders viewers in meltdown as Max Branning tries to strangle arch enemy with fairy lights

They'd look better on the tree...

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Max Branning has been in meltdown over the past two weeks and viewers have just had a taster of how psychotic his actions are headed – as he tried to kill Ian Beale.

With fairy lights!

The bad boy of Walford pitched up at Ian Beale’s house and made it clear a cup of tea and a nice chat weren’t on the agenda.
Ian, understandably unnerved by his stubbly, hoody and downright nasty demeanour, tried to get him to leave.

But he had different plans.

Menacingly, Max teased Ian about a coin toss earlier in the episode, which the cafe owner had ‘won’.

“Let me tell you what you’ve won,” Max said. “You get to go first.”

“First?” Ian replied.

“Yeah, first. It’s just a question of who deserved it more – you or Phil, I’ve been racking my brains.

“I ain’t slept much, the last two days. You can probably tell I’m a little bit below par.”

Err… what? Max then pulled out a knife.

The Branning baddy then muttered: “First to die.”

Ian tried to reason with him, saying he wasn’t a killer.

(Oh, yes he is – STEVEN!)

Max then went on a tirade, ranting about being gnawed away on the inside – and blaming Ian.

“You done that to me, you done that to me,” he ranted. “And now I gotta sort you out!”

Then he pulled out the fairy lights and started to strangle the Beale-meister with them.

Luckily, Lauren arrived. But how long is Ian safe for?

It’s sure got fans of the soap excited/terrified!

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