X Factor viewers in hysterics as audience member steals Cheryl’s thunder

All eyes were meant to be on her...

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All eyes were on Cheryl as she made an appearance on The X Factor last night – or were they?

The Girls Aloud star and former judge was sat in the audience for the first of the live shows, as she wanted to watch her beau, Liam Payne, perform his new single.

But whereas the focus is usually on what the Geordie star is wearing or how she’s done her hair, it turns out on this occasion viewers were more interested in something that was going on behind her.

That ‘something’ was a mystery man gurning over Chezza’s shoulder…

As the new mum, 34, was interviewed by host Dermot O’Leary, the unnamed audience member took the opportunity to steal the limelight.

With Chezza and Dermy completely unaware, he tried out all manner of hilarious faces, at one point staring out the camera, and the next minute crossing his eyes.

And seeing as he was sat in the centre of the picture, it was hard to miss him.

Suffice to say, viewers at home thought the impromptu face-pulling was absolutely hilarious.

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“That guy behind Cheryl – I am screaming!” tweeted one tickled fan.

Another praised: “That guy behind Cheryl knew he had one chance to become a timeless GIF, and he took it. We salute thee!”

And, referring to Cheryl’s previous names, another added: “OMG, the guy pulling faces behind Cheryl-Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez Versini is my new hero!!”

As for Liam, he made sure he grabbed his fair share of the headlines as he performed his new track Bedroom Floor.

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When he finished singing, he seemed to have a problem exiting via the back of the stage, so he skirted around the judges and made a beeline for his wife.

Taking Cheryl’s hand, he ushered her out of the building as a bemused Dermot asked: “Where’s he going?”

Maybe the One Direction star had seen that bloke gurning behind Chezza and wanted to rescue her from any more humiliation.

Whatever the reason, the showbiz couple certainly made an impression last night.