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Tuesday 19th November 2019

Viewers horrified as First Dates diner CANCELS main course and sends match home!

On TELEVISION! That's harsh rejection...

We all know that agreeing to go on a first date lays us open to rejection.

There's an increased risk of getting dissed if it's a blind one.

Normally people - okay, British people - will sit out the drink or the meal, even if it's obvious there is no spark.

Most guests on the show follow dating etiquette (Credit: Channel 4)

We're polite like that. Well, most of us.

And that's why so many First Dates viewers were so appalled by this week's show, when a diner came straight out and told his date for the evening that he wasn't attracted to them.

Scottish landlord John, 28, was paired with 35-year-old HR director and fellow Scot Greig.

It sounds really bad, but I don't find you attractive.

Greig was given the bum's rush by John (Credit: Channel 4)

Now, he obviously realised there was no spark and had seemingly popped for a tactical cigarette break to consider his next move.

Returning to the table he levelled with Greig.

Poor Greig is still on the market (Credit: Channel 4)

He said: "It sounds really bad, but I don't find you attractive. You're a really genuine guy, and we seem to get along, but I don't have that connection with you, so what's the point of staying and having main courses and dinners, you know?"

Greig: "Do you want to cancel your main course?"

And with that, John took that chance to end the date right there.


Fred had some words of wisdom for the dumper (Credit: Channel 4)