Viewers hopping mad with Coronation Street’s pre-watershed overdose scenes

Daniel went on a bizarre binge that ended in near-tragedy

Last night’s Corrie left fans very confused with scenes that were compared to Skins, Trainspotting and, erm, Hollyoaks – but didn’t seem very Corrie.

Some viewers were annoyed the unlikely scenes were played out before the 9pm watershed…

They involved Daniel, Ken’s son, who overdosed on cocaine and vodka, and was seen dancing around his flat to the Buzzcocks on a huge bender. If Norris knew such things were going on, he would have kicked right off.

From Buzzcocks to buzzed out (Credit: ITV)

Daniel was eventually found by Adam and Robert and taken to hospital.

The odd montage came after Daniel, played by Rob Mallard, was wrestling with his guilt over attacking his dad Ken.

One viewer posted “Lol that scene with Daniel on corrie was so unexpected 😂.”

Another was not impressed with the Hollyoaksisation (it’s a word) of the ITV soap, saying “When did Corrie turn into Hollyoaks? What the hell was that scene with Daniel all about?”

Daniel rejected Ken’s offer of a therapist as he didn’t think he deserved it, and had an argument with step-sister Tracy. Though to be fair, if everyone who had a row with Tracy turned to vodka, Russia would have a shortage.

Daniel’s session would have looked more at home in Trainspotting (Credit: ITV)

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Daniel was also kicked out of the Rovers for being too drunk – and dissed by Liz McDonald for being a lightweight – but carried on drinking at home before buying drugs.

Many viewers were shocked that the scenes were aired before the watershed as Daniel was so out of it, he was even compared on Twitter to Pete Doherty.

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Rob Mallard – who plays Daniel – explained why smart, headed-for-Oxford Daniel had gone down this path.

“Because Daniel is depressed and not really feeling anything, he just wants to feel something,” he told Radio Times.

“It comes off having being riled up by Tracy and he just goes too far.”

Seriously, no one tell Norris.