Holby City viewers heartbroken by John Michie’s devastating storyline with on-screen daughter

Actor's real-life daughter was tragically found dead last week

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Holby City fans flooded Twitter with emotional messages of support for actor John Michie during last night’s episode of the BBC show.

John tragically lost his daughter, Louella, earlier this month when her body was discovered at Bestival music festival in Dorset.

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Last night’s Holby wedding had fans in tears (Credit: BBC)

Last night’s episode of the medical drama showed John’s character, hospital CEO Guy Self, attend the wedding of his daughter, Zosia.

And despite being filmed around 12 weeks in advance, viewers didn’t miss the poignancy of John’s scenes and heaped praise on the actor.


The episode showed John’s character, Guy, get drunk and gatecrash his daughter’s wedding reception. He delivered a dishevelled Father of the Bride speech, before being thrown out by Lee Mead’s character, Lofty.

Guy then broke down in tears as he realised he had potentially burned bridges with Zosia for good.

In real life, Louella’s body was found in woods on September 11. Despite a 28-year-old man being arrested on suspicion of murder, John and his family don’t believe their was any foul play involved.

Credit : Seb /
John confirmed his daughter’s death last week (Credit: Seb /

The actor has spoken out and insisted he believes it was just a “tragic accident”.

Reports say Michie and his wife, Carol, received a panicked call and a WhatsApp map from a friend of their daughter marking the spot where her body lay.

The couple drove from their North London home the 130 miles to the scene in Dorset and although they were initially refused entry, a search carried out in the woods found Louella’s body.

A statement released by the actor’s agent read: “Sadly I can confirm the tragic death of John Michie’s daughter, Louella, at Bestival.

Credit : Andy Barnes /
John with his family before Louella’s death (Credit : Andy Barnes /

“John and his wife Carol ask that the privacy of their family be respected at this traumatic time.”

John has since told The Sun: “We’ve lost our angel.”It’s not murder – they were friends. It was just a tragic mistake, a tragic accident.

“This was not a murder,” he added.

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“She touched so many lives. She was so very positive, so bright, so out there. She had such energy. The tributes to her have been incredible.”

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