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EastEnders viewers have some phone tips for Ian Beale after almighty mobile blunder

He messed up recording Willmott-Brown confession...

Ian Beale became the third member of the Mitchell/Beale clan to front up to creepy uber-villain, James Willmott-Brown, in tonight’s EastEnders.

Kathy’s first-born succeeded where Phil and Ben failed, by getting the twisted property developer to admit that he DID actually rape his mum.

Ian finally got Willmott-Brown to confess (Credit: BBC)

Willmott-Brown thought he’d maybe found a kindred spirit in Ian, saying he’s also been cheated and lied to by women – which is pretty much the story of Ian’s life.

In a woman-hating rant, JWB said that Kathy had ‘teased and taunted’ him, but ultimately denied him – so he took what he wanted and raped her.

“I showed her,” he slimed to a disgusted Ian.

Ian, who wanted his mum – who’s been broken since Willmott-Brown came back into her life – to hear those words, recorded the conversation, only to have his phone nabbed by one of JWB’s heavies.

Oh, Ian, you didn’t plan that too well did you? Still, viewers think all might not be lost…

Think it might be time to set Bobby Beale on him with his hockey stick.

Meanwhile, Aidan continued to round up the team he wants for his Big Job – with a promise of a six-figure sum sealing the deal for Mick Carter.

Aidan also roped in Keanu Taylor to provide the youth and muscle after seeing him pulling some pretty impressive moves in the kids’ playground – although we’re a bit worried he’s going to catch a chill in that vest.


Elsewhere, Jack Branning reminded Max again that he was there to support him when baby Matthew was taken from him, which means that particular secret is surely about to explode.

Is Bernie in trouble? (Credit: BBC)

And Bernadette threw on some lippie and managed to score herself a job collecting glasses at The Albert – but has she put herself in danger by earwigging on Aidan and his merry band of brothers as they planned the Job?

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