Viewers hail BEST EVER episode of The Chase

The team won big

Contestants on the ITV game show The Chase were left overwhelmed after bagging one of the biggest jackpots ever seen on the show.

Bonny, Emma and Anton scooped a staggering £75,000 after beating Chaser Shaun Wallace.

The shocked trio had an advantage of 17 steps and with the help of push-backs they came out on top leaving the studio £25,000 each richer.

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Chaser Shaun, aka The Dark Destroyer, was left stunned as the contestants won the final round after he struggled to correctly answer more than 6 questions.

It’s not often that a massive sum of money like that is won on the show but viewers at home were more than delighted for them.

One wrote: “Great episode of @ITVChase tonight! What a win!! #thechase.”

Another said: “DEAD chuffed for the team on #TheChase!! Bonny you legend! @ITVChase.”

“Well done Bonny and the team! £75,000, £25 grand each very nice! #TheChase,” a third said.

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Despite being visibly disappointed by his defeat, Shaun took to Twitter to congratulate the team.

He wrote: “Congratulations to the team they did superbly. It wasn’t my day but they deserved to win. #TheChase #DarkDestroyer #InternationalWomensDay.”

68-year-old Bonny in particular won over viewers as she bagged a huge £64,000 when she went head to head with Shaun.

Viewers seemed to love her bubbly personality as one wrote: “Bonny is a legend.”

Another said: “Bonny on #thechase is an absolute machine! Fully deserved win.”

We love a happy ending!

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