Emmerdale viewers furious after seeing how Robert Sugden holds his baby

Poor Robert hasn't quite got to grips with having a baby to look after

Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden has got viewers all in a flap because of the shocking way he’s been holding baby Sebastian.

After snatching his son from Rebecca, leading to the high-speed car chase that ended in tragedy for the White family, Robert has been left holding the baby – quite literally!

Credit: ITV
Parenting life isn’t quite how Robert thought it would be (Credit: ITV)

And with Rebecca fighting for her life in hospital, it looks like he could be playing daddy for a good while yet.

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But last night’s visit to Emmerdale left fans fuming when she saw how Robert was holding the newborn tot.

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their concerns – mainly about the fact Ryan Hawley, who plays the struggling new dad, wasnt supporting the baby’s head properly…

Robert had already sent Emmerdale fans wild the night before when he took off his shirt after the baby was sick on it – leaving it to look like he was trying to recreate that infamous Athena poster of a shirtless man holding a baby.

Shirtless Robert holding a baby sent fans into a frenzy (Credit: ITV)

But while fans are quick to send their parenting advice to Robert, it seems the new dad is trying his best to get to grips with having a baby to look after.

Robert told his son: “There’s a good lad. Just get some sleep now.”

But baby Seb wasn’t playing ball and decided to keep his dad on his toes…

Viewers were worried Robert wasn’t supporting baby Seb’s head (Credit: ITV)

“No, no I just changed you,” Robert told his son.

“Please just be a trump. Oh no that’s a proper dump that. Oh another one from the other end. Not as bad but still.”

Credit: ITV
Seb is certainly keeping Robert on his toes (Credit: ITV)

Robert has vowed to look after Sebastian while Rebecca is in hospital – but that the same time he’s struggling with the guilt that the crash is partly his fault.

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Despite having concerns that Lachlan might know more about the details of the crash than he’s letting on, Robert and the rest of the village are currently unaware of what exactly caused the Whites’ car to crash head-on with a lorry.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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