Emmerdale viewers frightened for safety of Robert and Rebecca’s newborn

Lachlan lost control with the baby

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Emmerdale viewers were shocked last night when Lachlan White had a violent outburst towards baby Sebastian.

They branded him a “psycho” and an “immature brainless thug” after he threw a remote control at the newborn because he wouldn’t stop crying.

Lachlan became angry with Sebastian crying as he tried to watch TV (Credit: ITV)

“Will you shut up before I make you!” he screamed at the innocent child as he hurled the object which bounced off the wall behind his moses basket.

Hearing the commotion, mum Rebecca quickly rushed in to protect and comfort her baby but viewers now fear there is much worse to come from Lachlan, played by Tom Atkinson.

He couldn’t control his temper and hurled the remote at the newborn (Credit: ITV)

“I knew he was a budding serial killer but damn,” one tweeted.

They fear that little Sebastian could now be in serious danger – and will be full of rage if Lachlan hurts the child.

“Lachlan you can torment Robert all you want but don’t you dare touch that little innocent newborn baby,” one fumed.

The latest scenes showing how unhinged Lachlan really is are all building up to his explosive exit along with his family members Chrissie and Lawrence.

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The remote bounced off the wall behind the moses basket before mum Rebecca rushed in (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale bosses said their exit storyline, to be broadcast in January, will be one of the “most intense” the soap has ever seen.

And now viewers are concerned the poor baby could be caught up in the crossfire.

Others praised the acting of Tom as he’s portrayed Lachlan’s “psychopathic tendencies”, with now even a baby enough to make him snap.

Teasing the departure of the Whites, Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod told the TV Times: “We are doing something spectacular in January and the Whites will be a major part of that.

“It’ll be one of the most intense rollercoaster months we’ve ever had.”

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Viewers are on the edge of their seats to see what happens next with one saying it’s building up to “a cracking couple of months”.

We couldn’t agree more. What is Lachlan capable of next?

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