EastEnders fans convinced Lacey Turner has had cosmetic work after last night’s close ups

The star has not addressed the rumours

EastEnders viewers are like hawks, they always notice the little things and this time they think Lacey Turner ‘looks different’ and could have had a cosmetic procedure.

Lacey, who plays Stacey Fowler, was in a lot of last night’s episode and viewers claim that her lips looked bigger.

Fans took to Twitter to say they think she has had lip fillers because her pout apparently looked fuller. Did you notice anything different about her?

Credit: BBC
Fans thought Stacey’s lips looked bigger (Credit: BBC)

One viewer said: “Has Stacey had lip fillers? She looks ridiculous.”

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Another tweeted: “Stacey’s lips look rather different, today,” while a third said: “Just noticed, has Stacey done something to her lips?”

Another said: “What is going on with Stacey’s lips?” And a fifth viewer admitted: “Can’t stop looking at Lacey’s top lip.”

It’s hard to tell whether she really has had anything done but Lacey Turner herself hasn’t commented on the claims.

In last night’s episode we saw Stacey getting understandably stressed at the prospect of her baby Arthur possibly having Brugada Syndrome.

His biological dad Kush was diagnosed with the fatal hereditary heart condition last week, which means Arthur could have it too.

Credit: BBC
Do you think her pout looks fuller? (Credit: BBC)

In upcoming episodes Stacey could be heading for another bi-polar breakdown as she fears for Arthur’s health and overhears Martin questioning if they were right to have another baby.

But as she lashes out at those around her, including Whitney and Carmel, it looks like Martin’s right to be worried.

As Stacey’s nearest and dearest begin to question her state of mind, will anyone be able to help her?

At the beginning of the week, Martin is still in prison, and Whitney and Woody step in to support Stacey when they see her getting stressed.

But the couple are left concerned when Stace is thrown into a panic and becomes convinced that her kids have gone missing.

Carmel Kazemi steps in to help with Arthur’s childcare, but she also gets a short shrift from Stacey who thinks she’s interfering with bringing up Lily.

Stacey physically drags her out of the house – just as Martin arrives home.

Credit: BBC
Stacey shows signs of her bi-polar coming back (Credit: BBC)

Things get even worse for Stacey when she gets the news she’s been fearing about Arthur – he’s at high risk of being diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome.

Martin tries his best to support his wife, but he worries about her mental health, remembering only too well what went down last time.

He voices his concerns to Michelle, wondering if having another baby was such a good idea – Stacey overhears him and then can’t bear to be around him.

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Poor old Martin tries his best to make things up to Stacey but he drops another clanger when he asks Kush if he can help out with some medical equipment for Arthur, which is quite expensive.

Stacey gets the wrong end of the stick and accuses Martin of not even wanting another baby – and tells him to leave.

More worried than ever, Martin tries to get through to his wife, but as things spiral out of control could it really be the end for the couple?

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